We, the parishioners of St. Michael the Archangel, are a diverse
Catholic community dedicated to living the 
Gospel through the

active celebration of the sacraments, lifelong faith formation
and a continuing 
​commitment to our neighbors.

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Dear St. Michael, the Archangel Parishioners,

We are excited to gather with you digitally through our streaming of the Mass via Facebook, which is also posted online on a YouTube channel. Starting June 7th the live mass will be recorded at the 9AM mass instead of 11 AM. You can access it by going to our parish website by clicking on our Facebook link to the right. You don’t need an account to access it.

St. Michael the Archangel Catholic Church   3354 West 30th Street   Indianapolis, Indiana   46222

Phone:  317-926-7359  Fax:  317-921-3282


We will update our website with an updated listing of virtual masses and/or links to masses on a regular basis, so please check back frequently

 If you would like to continue tithing consider online giving (the link is on your right ) or mailing them to us (address Below). We will be checking the mail regularly. 

Due to the push back in opening Marion County to June 1st, Public Weekend Masses will be starting back up on the weekend on June 6/7...what this looks like is still being worked out by the Archdiocese of Indianapolis...Weekday masses will start up Tuesday June 2, 2020. With the Dispensation to attend mass continuing until at least August 15, anyone in at at risk group, health issues or even just not comfortable being around multiple people outside their home and family yet, are encouraged to stay home and attend mass remotely when available!! We look forward to congregating with you all again SOON!!

You can still watch masses on Archindy.org or click on the underlined the links below.

Online Giving

We appreciate your continuing support of our parish!  If you prefer to donate through our online portal, just click the link above.