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Philip Robert Caito
Nicholas Cozee  

Nathan Harrison
Steven Wayne Mason
 Kevin Nakayama
Nathan Reagin and
 Garrett Roach 

LaDarryl J. Woods Sr.

Our Parishioners in the

United States Military

Our Sick

Please pray for . . .

Leighton Rogers

Carlos Fialo

Joey Anderson

Shirley Bates

Ed Bensman

Peggy Bogue

Bernie Cmehil

George & Dolores Coulon

Zach Cronkhite

Ross Gephart

Nancy Harrison

Patrick Habel

Stephanie Hedegard

Jeri Huntington

Andra Ignas

Tom Kavanagh

Bob Means

Susie Morgan

Lisa Nault

Ashton Meyer

Cassendra Mills

Regina Osborne

Bill Ross

James Scheidler

Maryanna Swinford

Mary Kay Szwed

Joseph Taylor

Fr. Kenneth Taylor

Eileen Watson

Susie Watson